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December 16, 1999

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Toobles, Tribble, the Pet of the Day
Name: Toobles, Tribble
Age: Seven months, Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Teddy Guinea Pigs
Home: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
   These are my babies, Toobles and Tribble. Toobles is from a breeder and Tribble is from a pet store. I had no interest in guinea pigs until I saw Tribble in the pet store. I just had to have her and was lucky she was still there after a week. At the time, I had two kinds of hamsters and lots of mice, so I had to give some thought into getting another pet; plus I didn't know anything about guinea pigs. Now, Toobles and Tribble get my full attention. And boy are they spoiled.

    They have a kiddy pool as their home, with towels that I change everyday. When they have run time outside their pool, Tribble leads the way and Toobles follows close behind. Tribble and Toobles are special because just thinking of them makes me happy. I wake up every morning looking forward to taking care of them and watching their funny antics. When Tribble was younger and an only piggy, I would bring her everywhere with me... shopping, movies, grocery shopping, and even to my cousin's wedding ceremony with her own dress!

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