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December 9, 1999

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Cloud, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cloud
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Ohio, USA
   This is "Cloud" one of my chinchillas. She was born May 20, 1999 and is a pink/white with blue eyes. Cloud is a very loving pet and likes to be held. She will jump into your arms when her cage door is opened. Besides enjoying the company of other chinchillas, she likes our golden retriever "Kandis."

    Cloud is special because she has the most effervescent personality. She loves all of the other chinchillas and gets along with them (the females have a tendency to bicker among themselves). For me, the most amazing thing is her relationship with our golden retriever, Kandis. The two of them truly adore each other. I've just moved the chinchilla cages across the room, due to using our gas stove (they don't like the extra heat). Now Cloud and Kandis are on the same side of the pet fence and can visit freely. Kandis will stand there with her nose up against Cloud's through the cage bars - wagging her tail as fast as it will go. I wish that I understood what they "say" to each other. Cloud likes to run in her wheel, but doesn't do any tricks - other than standing up for a treat of a raisin or banana chip.

    Visit Cloud's website.

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