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December 5, 1999

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Midget, the Pet of the Day
Name: Midget
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Silver Fox
Home: Clarksville, Indiana, USA
   Midget is very special to me, he turned four this February and I have been his only owner since he was eight weeks old. I got him from a pet store that was considering sending him back for breeding or meat purposes, simply because he did not like people. Midget is a Silver Fox and lives in Clarksville Indiana, USA. He is real English gentlebun who drinks herbal tea (warm only!) from a cup when he is sick.

    He has gone through two calcium oxylate stone removal surgeries, one in November and one this past month, less than two weeks ago. What is amazing about him, is he has his own attitude and is not your typical pet. He lets me know, I am privileged to be his friend but nothing more than that. Yet he knows when I am down and out, he'll come over and nuzzle his nose into my neck and lick my cheek, or my hands if I am sitting upright. He likes to read books with me, especially if it is Shakespeare. He truly enjoys life, in spite of the trouble he has had physically with his stones. I like him most of all because he says with his attitude and defining reactions, that he accepts you as you are, as long as you give him the same benefit. That's why he is so special to me.

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