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Derrick the Japanese Fire Bellied Newt Derrick
Japanese Fire Bellied Newt
Seattle, Washington, USA
December 01, 1999

Chicklett the Rosella Chicklett
College Park, Maryland, USA
December 02, 1999

Ronnie the Charcoal Blazed Capped Ronnie
Charcoal Blazed Capped
Houston, Texas, USA
December 03, 1999

Curly the Pig Curly
Land O' Lakes, Florida, USA
December 04, 1999

Midget the Silver Fox Midget
Silver Fox
Clarksville, Indiana, USA
December 05, 1999

Sir Delaware the Egyptian Arabian Sir Delaware
Egyptian Arabian
Williamsburg, Ontario, Canada
December 06, 1999

Max the Umbrella Cockatoo Max
Umbrella Cockatoo
Alabama, USA
December 07, 1999

Wilf the Lionhead Rabbit Wilf
Lionhead Rabbit
United Kingdom
December 08, 1999

Cloud the Chinchilla Cloud
Ohio, USA
December 09, 1999

Mr. Bunny, Buster the Rabbit, Dwarf Rabbit Mr. Bunny, Buster
Rabbit, Dwarf Rabbit
Tallahassee, Florida, USA
December 10, 1999

Basil the Budgie Basil
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
December 11, 1999

Stubby the Ball Python Stubby
Ball Python
Florida, USA
December 12, 1999

Odie the Mobrella Cockatoo Odie
Mobrella Cockatoo
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
December 13, 1999

Kira the Husky Banded Rat Kira
Husky Banded Rat
December 14, 1999

Duke the Crop Out Paint Duke
Crop Out Paint
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
December 15, 1999

Toobles, Tribble the Teddy Guinea Pigs Toobles, Tribble
Teddy Guinea Pigs
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
December 16, 1999

Tootie the Potbelly Pig Tootie
Potbelly Pig
Miami, Florida, USA
December 17, 1999

Leia the Sable Ferret Leia
Sable Ferret
Hauppauge, New York, USA
December 18, 1999

Ernie, Phoebe the Rabbit, Rat Ernie, Phoebe
Rabbit, Rat
Wiltshire, England
December 19, 1999

Hopsy the Minilop Hopsy
Orange County, California, USA
December 20, 1999

Jaden the Green Jaden
Texas, USA
December 21, 1999

Elmo the Albino Gold Ferret Elmo
Albino Gold Ferret
West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
December 22, 1999

Chitterbug the Raccoon Chitterbug
Portland, Oregon, USA
December 23, 1999

Kitty the Blue Crown Conure Kitty
Blue Crown Conure
Staunton, Virginia, USA
December 24, 1999

PawsIto the Sable Ferret PawsIto
Sable Ferret
Manahawkin, New Jersey, USA
December 25, 1999

Hillary, Chelcie, Buckeye, Buttercup the Burros Hillary, Chelcie, Buckeye, Buttercup
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
December 26, 1999

Scooter the Timneh African Grey Scooter
Timneh African Grey
Arizona, USA
December 27, 1999

Prince the Quarter Horse Prince
Quarter Horse
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
December 28, 1999

Martin the American Guinea Pig Martin
American Guinea Pig
Pennsylvania, USA
December 29, 1999

Pringles the Cinnamon Cockateil Pringles
Cinnamon Cockateil
Eudora, Kansas, USA
December 30, 1999

Jewels the Blue and Gold Macaw Jewels
Blue and Gold Macaw
Glenwood, Iowa, USA
December 31, 1999

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