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August 30, 1999

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Zuba, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zuba
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Timneh African Grey Parrot
Home: New York, USA
   Zuba is the most delightful, inquisitive, affectionate bird. You can hold her on your lap and pet her all day long. She won't poop on you, and will bite only when she's hungry for her baby formula.

    Zuba is now nine months old - she's very sweet and affectionate. If you don't pet her on time, she'll pick up your finger and quickly move her head under it. A clear sign even for us slow mortals. She's in the process of learning how to speak, and currently whistles a lot and makes the typical Grey "R2D2" noises. If you ask for kisses, she'll make the sound of lips smacking. Her favorite game is to attack the vacuum cleaner whenever she sees it, even if it's across the house. For some reason, they never bonded. She has a dish cup full of toys that she plays with all day long. She's a special bird -- she's been exposed to PDD, a contagious, fatal disease, so she'll have to be alone until a test is perfected for fear of exposing other birds to it. She's truly loved and very special, and I hope to have many years with her.

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