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August 14, 1999

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Toby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Toby
Age: Seventeen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sable Ferret
Home: Virginia, USA
   Toby is my first ferret. He will turned one year old on February 20. He had a birthday party, and my mother's Yorkshire Terrier, Lilly, came. Lilly and Toby are best friends. My mom comes to my apartment often and brings Lilly. The two of them play until they are to tired to play anymore.

    Toby was eight weeks old when I got him. Before I purchased my beloved pet, I did a lot of research and bought several ferret books. I also bought the cage, toys, etc. The last thing I purchased was Toby and his food. I registered Toby with a ferret club. His registered name is Sir Romeo Tobias Diddimus. Toby goes to the vet yearly. Since he's not yet one, he's only been once. He gets his distemper and rabies shots. I feed him ferret food so that he stays healthy. Believe me, he is healthy. Actually, he's very chubby.

    When I first got Toby, he had a tendency to bite. After time, with a lot of love and patience, he quit nipping. Part of the problem with his biting was his age. Apparently adolescent ferrets are much like adolescent children. The advantage to ferrets is that their adolescence lasts less than a year.

    Anyway, Toby is my little love bug. I love him to pieces and I don't know what I would do without him. He likes to play in grocery bags, he loves the noise they make. He also loves to chase leaves on nice days. We go out front, and he wears his harness and leash. He will lay flat on the sidewalk, when the wind blows leaves by, he takes off after them. Toby is also trained to a squeak toy. When I don't have time to find him hiding in our clothes, I squeak his toy. He comes running for his linatone treat (a vitamin supplement that ferrets love).

    We live in an apartment with our Cousin Amy. Cousin Amy loves Toby even though he has a habit of getting into her stuff and making a mess of things. But he is so cute you have to forgive him. Besides that, he is litterbox trained. Unless he can't get to his box he uses it. Unfortunately, he is not too fond of baths. He gets them anyway. He pouts for 30 minutes and then he's his usual bouncy self. Toby's other favorite thing to do is attack the bedding when I make the bed. He clucks and hops and grabs the blankets with absolute ferret joy.

    These are all the reasons why Toby is special. He is my best friend and I love him bunches.

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