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August 11, 1999

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Tort-Tort, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tort-Tort
Age: 63 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Desert Tortoise
Home: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
   This is Tort-Tort and he is a Dessert Tortoise. I suspect that he was close to 25 years old when he came to live with me 38 years ago. Now that he is about 63 years old, he is almost middle aged. I guess some of the things that makes him special are his curiosity, friendliness, and his balletic walk! Yes, he gets up on his tip toes when he moves across my yard. Unlike Aesop's fable of "The Tortoise and The Hare," Tort Tort walks fast, almost like a slow run. Every morning, when he's not hibernating, he comes into the kitchen and has breakfast. His favorite foods are brocoli, and kale. Then he walks around my house, while eyeballing my indoor plants as late morning snacks.

    If I sit on the floor, he will crawl into my lap. He likes me to pet him under his front legs. Afterwards he returns to his outdoor burrow and takes a nap until late afternoon when the hot Las Vegas sun has subsided. He will graze on some grass and return to his burrow for the night.

    Six months of the year he is in hibernation, so I don't get to see him. However, when he is active, he's a great little friend who I love a great deal. He's about 22 inches long from his head to his tail and he weighs about 24 pounds. He's in the mating season right now and he does feel his oats! Even thought he does not have a mate, he continually searches my backyards hoping that his Princess Charming will unearth herself.

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