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August 6, 1999

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Bob and Cathy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bob, Cathy
Age: Three, Fourteen years old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Iguana, Calico Cat
Home: Fremont, California, USA
   Cathy will be fifteen in October. She is the calico cat in the photo. Bob is the iguana, who just turned three. The two of them were huddled by the heater one winter day this past winter. They get along fine unless Bob steps on Cathy. She does not like that and yells at him.

    Bob enjoys eating. So does Cathy! Cathy is very old, she'll be fifteen this fall, and she likes warm places (like heating pads). Bob needs his heating pad to regulate his heat and often times, Cathy will be parked on his heating pad. Or, Bob will just be trying to get over to sit on my computer monitor instead and have to walk by Cathy, sometimes stepping on her. He seems to be very concerned about stepping on her; either because he realizes she is very old or he doesnŐt like getting 'yelled at' by her or batted at when she really gets irritated!!!!

    Bob doesn't know any tricks. He is 'tub trained' to go potty in the bath tub and lets me know when he needs to go, or will go 'on cue' when I put him in the tub of warm water. After his bath, he receives a nice rinse, and then he insists on climbing me like a tree. That's the only time he ever wants to climb on me. Bob gets weighed at Mail Boxes Etc. every month, in fact, it's time to weigh him again. He is adored there, at Mail Boxes Etc. and always receives a warm welcome. Recently, they took his picture and have it up in their lounge area!

    Cathy is a funny cat. She is very smart and will let me know she needs something in the middle of the night by 'twanging' the door stopper on the door. She will do this until I get out of bed to fix her up with food or whatever. If the twanging doesn't work, there is a hanger on the back of that same door that holds the ironing board on the door for storage. She will grab the ironing board and bang it repeatedly until I respond (which I almost always do). She also knows how to shake hands if I tap the ground in front of her paw. It is amazing how my cats and iguanas get along with each other. I have three cats and two iguanas and everyone seems to respect each other! You can see them at my website. There are all sorts of photos in that photopoint album!

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