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August 5, 1999

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Glow Commander, the Pet of the Day
Name: Glow Commander
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarter Horse
Home: California, USA
   I have been an avid horse nut from the time I was born (literally!) In all my years I have had many horses that have been special to me. Then I met Glow. He was a resident at a veterinary hospital that I began to work for. He was a very sad horse, as he was a stallion and kept isolated from others. When I would go to see him, he would glow... he really lived up to his name! I brought him treats and eventually was able to take him to a pasture for daily turnouts. Up to that point, no one would really do anything with him, other than an occasional visit or turnout. He had a bit of a problem with men. When I saw how some of the men had treated him, I understood his problem.

    Once he and I established a relationship, we became good friends. He would come to whatever fence I was at and give me a little nicker. If he was out in a pasture, he would run over to me when I would call. I really got to see him blossom into a more loving horse.

    Then the day came that I had feared. His owner had decided to sell him. I worked frantically compiling my finances, but alas I did not have enough. I cried as I watched him get on the trailer, thinking I would never see him again. A month later I learned that he had not yet been sold and the price had dropped. My husband (of only two months!) agreed that we could try to get him. I still did not have the money for his full asking price, but I tried anyway. Well my efforts paid off. A hand shake closed the deal. I was now the proud owner of Glow Commander, a thirteen-year-old AQHA stallion. Oh boy! What ever do I do with this?! I didn't care, I had him now, and I promised that the rest of his days could be spent with me and he would never have to feel the heavy hand of abuse. Well, to make a long story short...okay well longer...Glow and I rode many hours and spent tons of time grooming and trying to cure all his aches and pains. He would do anything I would ask of him. I still used him as a breeding stallion and he was a dynamo.

    Then I got pregnant. No big deal to myself or Glow. Everyone else, was very concerned that I would get hurt if I kept at my regular riding regime. I never once had a doubt, neither did hubby for that matter. Glow took every care of me as if he new I was carrying a special package. He decided when to listen to my requests to go faster than a walk, which as I got bigger, he ignored more! Every once in a while he would splurge and break into a slow jog. As my belly got bigger, I couldn't get on so easily anymore. No problem for Glow. He would stand patiently next to whatever object for me to climb on. Then to get off he would return to the exact same spot and let me climb off instead of jumping down.

    I still have Glow and love him just the same. I have given him his long-deserved freedom and he now lives on our five acres with his son, Gus, Gus' mom, Annie (25-year-old momma!) and his buddy, a young thoroughbred gelding, Outlaw. I have removed the shoes that ruined his feet from the time he was young and have spent many hours (and dollars!) doing therapeutic work to make him comfortable. I truly feel that he is worth every cent I put into him. The picture I am sending is the day that Glow met my ("our") son. He rocked his carriage gently. As if to say hi, he nickered when Grayson made a squeak.

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