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August 1, 1999

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Ben, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ben
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Green Iguana
Home: Danvers, Massachusetts, USA
   This is Ben. He is a male Green Iguana. We have had Ben for almost seven years. He is four feet long and weighs about eight pounds! Ben is a free roaming ig and only goes in his cage when we are not home. As soon as we get home he scratches on the door of his cage to be let out. Ben is a great pet because you never know what to expect from him. One night we had company and Ben came over to them and actually "begged" for food! The guests were not happy! (I think they were scared!) Another time I came home and Ben had escaped from his cage. I found him on the top shelf of the closet looking down on me. He had been watching me the whole time I was searching for him!

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