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Ben the Green Iguana Ben
Green Iguana
Danvers, Massachusetts, USA
August 01, 1999

Buck the Lop Buck
Stockport, United Kingdom
August 02, 1999

Max the Blue and Gold Macaw Max
Blue and Gold Macaw
North Carolina, USA
August 03, 1999

Clifford the Bovine, Charlois Clifford
Bovine, Charlois
Texas, USA
August 04, 1999

Glow the Quarter Horse Glow
Quarter Horse
California, USA
August 05, 1999

Bob, Cathy the Iguana, Calico Cat Bob, Cathy
Iguana, Calico Cat
Fremont, California, USA
August 06, 1999

Genie the French Lop Rabbit Genie
French Lop Rabbit
East Sheen, London, UK
August 07, 1999

Max the Sable Ferret Max
Sable Ferret
Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA
August 08, 1999

Kiwi the Black Headed Caique Kiwi
Black Headed Caique
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
August 09, 1999

Corky the Peruvian Guinea Pig Corky
Peruvian Guinea Pig
Cahokia, Illinois, USA
August 10, 1999

Tort the Tort Tort
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
August 11, 1999

Chika the Congo African Grey Parrot Chika
Congo African Grey Parrot
Ontario, Canada, USA
August 12, 1999

Bart the Thoroughbred Gelding Bart
Thoroughbred Gelding
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
August 13, 1999

Toby the Sable Ferret Toby
Sable Ferret
Virginia, USA
August 14, 1999

Jaz the Bare Jaz
Palm Harbor, Florida, USA
August 15, 1999

Rocky, Nick the Dog, Deer Rocky, Nick
Dog, Deer
Kentucky, USA
August 16, 1999

Xena the Guinea Pig Xena
Guinea Pig
British Columbia, Canada
August 17, 1999

Brian the Dwarf Lop Rabbit Brian
Dwarf Lop Rabbit
Wiltshire, England
August 18, 1999

Medusa the Ball Python Medusa
Ball Python
Idaho, USA
August 19, 1999

Cha Cha the Pony Cha Cha
South Africa
August 20, 1999

Ricky the Bourkes Parakeet Ricky
Bourkes Parakeet
College Park, Maryland, USA
August 21, 1999

Morphine the Veiled Chameleon Morphine
Veiled Chameleon
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
August 22, 1999

Bones the Green Iguana Bones
Green Iguana
Colville, Washington, USA
August 23, 1999

Wittle Bird the Parakeet Wittle Bird
South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
August 24, 1999

Scooter the Ferret Scooter
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
August 25, 1999

Romantique the Swedish Warmblood Romantique
Swedish Warmblood
August 26, 1999

Barley the Rabbit Barley
Hampshire, United Kingdom
August 27, 1999

Pongo the Mallard Duck Pongo
Mallard Duck
Southern Illinois, USA
August 28, 1999

Ashes the Mouse Ashes
Wisconsin, USA
August 29, 1999

Zuba the Timneh African Grey Parrot Zuba
Timneh African Grey Parrot
New York, USA
August 30, 1999

Max, Joey, Billy the Dwarf lops Max, Joey, Billy
Dwarf lops
London, England
August 31, 1999

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