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April 29, 1999

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Big Boo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Big Boo
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Red and Black Demekin Goldfish
Home: Alabama, USA
   This is the Big Boo. She is about three years old. She is a red and black demekin (a type of fancy goldfish) She lives in Alabama. She is really sweet, she knows me and will take food from my hand. I named her the Big Boo because she opens her mouth as though she is saying, "boo!" and she is orange and black like Halloween.

    I got her from a place that imports goldfish from the Orient. She came to the side of the tank and shook her little booty at me. She made me laugh, so she had to be the one. She has three tankmates in a large tank -- goldfish really need a lot of room, almost ten gallons of water per fish to be happy and healthy.

    She is very sweet and docile toward the other goldfish in her tank. Most of the fancy goldfish are very docile and do not fight. She is about three or four inches long, not including her pretty tail. Goldfish can live anywhere from three to 10+ years.

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