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April 27, 1999

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Tigger, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tigger
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Holland Lop Rabbit
Home: New York, USA
   This is my bunny Tigger. He is a six-month-old Holland lop rabbit who lives in New York state. We think Tigger is special because he loves us both equally and follows us around the house. He never likes to be alone when he's out of his cage. He's very friendly and always goes to everyone to be petted on his nose. Even when you don't want to pet him on his nose he tells you that's where he wants to be petted. He doesn't do any tricks but he does binky a lot, usually dances across the room and loves to carry a snack wherever he goes. If I'm wearing my long bathrobe he grabs it in his mouth and pulls me wherever he wants me to go. This usually means to his cage for a treat. We hope you've enjoyed his page and agree that he's an awfully cute little guy.

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