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April 23, 1999

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Kola, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kola
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: American Paint Horse
Home: Alabama, USA
   This is my horse, Kola, and her new baby boy born at 2 am on 4/08/99. Kola is a five-year-old American Paint Horse and her colt, Charger. Kola & the little one live in Alabama. My Kola, which means friend with whom you would face many encircling enemies, has been an absolute god-send for me. I found her in November of last year & fell in love. That she was bred was a double blessing, because last summer, I lost my first mare, Sierra, to colic & she was also pregnant at the time. Kola & I quickly developed a bond so much so that it feels like I have always had her. The last month has been nerve-wracking for me, the expectant "grandparent". I have been so worried about Kola, this was her first foal. She seemed bound & determined not to have him while anyone was around. She picked a two-hour window, between 1 - 3 am on Wednesday night/Thursday morning to deliver this little gift to us. And he is perfect. Mother and son are doing well. "Grandmother" is exhausted.

    The larger picture is Kola from December, while she was pregnant. I love to ride her - and look forward to starting back as soon as Charger is big enough to tag along, shouldn't be too long. She is a very sweet horse, who loves attention. She is a quick study & catches on easily when I try to teach her something new. She is very calm & not easily upset, but she still has enough spirit to make her fun to ride. She is just the best mom! She's a little wary of the other horses, but she lets me play with Charger all that I want. You would never know that it is just her first baby! Kola has just been the biggest blessing in my life!!

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