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April 21, 1999

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Paris, the Pet of the Day
Name: Paris
Age: 22 months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Alexandrine Parrakeet
Home: Spokane, Washington, USA
   Paris Rules! Paris is the most interesting and amazing animal that I have ever known. He has all the fiesty qualities that make him fun and playful yet he also has sweet qualities that endear him to our family of two people, four dogs and twelve birds. Well, ok, the dogs aren't that interested in him.

    A month after this picture was taken (at 20 months) he began to molt now he sports partial adult coloring of a Salmon Pink and Black neck ring. He is gorgeous on top of everything else. As this picture shows, Paris loves his showers. He takes a 30-40 minute lukewarm shower once or twice a week and yet he still wants more. ha ha. Where's the humid jungle when you need it? He loves to play and is content to play by himself or with another member of the family. He and our Umbrella Cockatoo are best friends and regularly get into mischief together.

    He is very creative and loves problem solving - I swear you can see him rationalizing on how to best dismantle a new toy or the ten-key on our desk - he's not picky and he always does a thorough job. Paris has been a blessing in our home and always makes us laugh.

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