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April 19, 1999

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Ziggy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ziggy
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ossabaw Miniature Pig
Home: Mount Airy, North Carolina, USA
   Ziggy is a rare "Ossabaw" miniature pig from Ossabaw Island off the coast of Georgia. Ziggy is special because he is so intelligent and so sweet. He can go up and down stairs with ease and did so the when we first brought him home (it is documented that it takes extensive training for pigs to accomplish this task). Ziggy can jump up onto the bed from the floor, which is about 30 inches, again it is documented that pigs cannot jump very well due to their build. He was easily trained to stand in a specific area when he wants a treat and alerts us when he needs to go outside by grunting. He is very affectionate and when we come home after work he greets his "mom and dad" with a series of short grunts to say "I missed you."

    We decided we wanted a pet and saw an ad in the newspaper about Ossabaws for sale. We went to see them and instantly fell in love with the "runt" with white stocking feet. "Ziggy" sounded closely to "piggy" so the name stuck. He being our first pet pig, we read everything we could find about mini pigs and Ossabaws. He is now almost three years old and weighs about 70 pounds which is still small for a mature Ossabaw. We feed him a diet of specially formulated food for miniature pigs and are very careful to not overfeed him. However, he does get treats daily (carrots or small doggy biscuits) which he looks forwards to. During the day Ziggy grazes in our fenced in back yard and loves to snooze in the warm sun. In inclement weather he has access to our covered deck and sleeps in his lil house snuggled in his blankets. We let him in the house in the evenings and after checking the floors for crumbs of food he gets a belly scratching and he clambers up the stairs to jump up on "his" bed to nap. In the hot summer he loves to play in his little kiddy pool. He is very sensitive and pouts when we have to scold him. He is a pretty good pig and we love him to death.

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