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April 3, 1999

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Nibbles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nibbles
Age: Deceased, Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Silver Mitt Ferret
Home: Virginia, USA
   Nibbles was a very tiny but spunky girl. She loved to play in any water by sticking her whole head in and splashing it till all the water was gone. Bed making was more of a challenge with Nibbles helping because she preferred the bed unmade. Nibbles' favorite treats were broccoli, ice cream, Ferret Tone, and fresh grapes. Every time the refrigerator door opened she was there to see what you had for her. Whenever she wanted something to eat she would scratch your foot and if that didn't work she would give you a nibble on your foot.

    What made Nibbles special was that she was always there making us laugh or smile by her many funny talents. I remember her more with her special ways every day through my other ferrets because she left her memories with us. Nibbles got sick one day in May and put up a big fight not to leave us but we asked God to take her so she would not suffer and he did. We still miss her everyday when we open the refrigerator door and shes not there but we know she is in a wonderful place now.

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