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September 30, 1998

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Porkchop, the Pet of the Day
Name: Porkchop
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Vietnamese (Potbellied) Pig
Home: Milan, Georgia, USA
   Potbellied pigs are great pets, they don't bark and won't jump up on you. He weight is approximately 40 pounds, he is 30 inches long. Porkchop is smart and understands a lot of what I say to him. He is gentle and quiet. He is my favorite pet. We go for walks in the field. When you scratch his back, he will fall over on the ground. He can roll a ball.

    He is so sweet and loves to eat. When you talk to him, he grunts back at you. His favorite food is watermelon. He straightens out his own house - I will put the straw in a pile next to him and he will lay it out just like he wants it, all neat.

    He was bottled feed and stayed in the house until he was three months old. He stays outside now in a fenced in area. I let him out sometimes and he won't leave the yard. He is a neutered pet.

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