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September 26, 1998

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Trousers, the Pet of the Day
Name: Trousers
Age: Two Years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Home: Tokyo, Japan
   Trousers (I also call him Trousie sometimes) is special because he is my shy pig. He is the sweetest little thing you could imagine. He stands up when he wants food, and when he's running around after you finish cleaning his cage and you want him to do an uppy piggy on the back of his cage, he trots around until he decides he wants to come in. Trousie pig is my little chubby pig, and the dear pig loves his food. He is a good boy, and loves sitting in his jacket sleeve. He's a good piggie, as he never poops in there. He eats in his box and he sits in it and he looks so cute when he's sitting down with his darling little foot sticking out. Trousers is the first guinea I saw when I saw the baby pigs at the pet store. I saw his little black fur circle around his eye and his little black foot and I knew I wanted him. I got him too. He was two weeks old when we got him and he's never ever bitten anyone. If you hurt him by accident he squeaks this darling little squeak at you.

    He loves to sit on me and likes to stick his head under my chin. Trousie is a special pig indeed. His birthday, September 13, 1995, is a wonderful day when Trousie celebrates. He doesn't really but I know he is with his brother. Trousie never talks back, so he's a very peaceful pig to talk to. He just sits there and listens and has this little expression that never changes. He's so cute! My pig is a wonderful pig.

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