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September 24, 1998

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Cocoa, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cocoa
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Toronto, Canada
   Cocoa the killer Rabbit! I'm just kidding about him being a killer, but it sure looks like it in this photo (he's just stretching after a long nap). My rabbit's name is Cocoa. He is seven months old. He is part dwarf we think. He sure doesn't like the heat. Which isn't usually a problem here in Toronto, Canada, except for during the summer months.

    Anyway, what makes Cocoa special is his independence and self-confidence. When I rub my chin on the top of his head and can hear him grinding his teeth in pleasure, it makes my day. If I'm really lucky, he will lick my nose to say thanks for being a great Mom. He's very spoiled by his Dad. He takes Cocoa out in the yard everyday to run around and hippity hop across the grass, nibbling as he goes. We think he's a tropical bunny because his favorite fruits are mangos, pineapple, and grapes! (of course only in moderation).

    Cocoa is housebroken, although he does sometimes like to leave little "presents" for us on the bed if we don't get up and feed him when he wants! Cocoa is my first bunny. He is extra special because I am allergic to cats and dogs and have never been able to have a pet before. That's probably why we spoil him so much!

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