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September 21, 1998

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Normie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Normie
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Opossum
Home: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
   Here is Normie... our possum. She started sneaking into our condominium through a hole in the wall behind our oven. As she grew, she became more and more a part of the family. Normie is about three now. She loves cheese! She gets along quite well with the cats - they tend to ignore her, although sometimes one of cats does eat out of the same cat food bowl as Normie.

    Normie tends to be a little shy around new people and isn't fond of loud noises - like the television or the phone ringing. Normie doesn't do any tricks. I can pick her up and she likes me to hold her hand while she eats if it's chilly out. She also likes to be groomed for fleas. Favorite cheese: smoked gouda.

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