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September 19, 1998

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Velcro, the Pet of the Day
Name: Velcro
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hedgehog
Home: Garrettsville, Ohio, USA
   Velcro is a very tame, even tempered hedgehog who enjoys being cuddled. He makes very endearing snuffling noises while you are holding him, which I believe is his attempt to communicate. Besides sleeping, his favorite activity would be "tubing" (running with a toilet paper tube firmly stuck on his head). While some question his intelligence while observing this behavior, keep in mind that the pampered little fellow has a nice home, room and maid service and a "harem" of three female hedgehogs. Perhaps he is pretty smart after all! Velcro also enjoys surfing the internet and bestows his "Princely Pog Award" to worthy pet sites.

    Velcro lives with our family along with five other adult hedgehogs and two new babies (not his). Velcro is a cuddler but alas not a breeder. If a hedgehog is tame, they lay their quills down flat and may be handled without gloves. Each has their own personality. Velcro is the only one of mine that attempts to communicate and show affection by making the little snuffling noises when you hold him - very similar to a cat purring, but more of a nasal sound. He has never had "an accident" when anyone was holding him either.

    Velcro loves to be petted and will sit still for as long as you want to hold him and will go to sleep in my lap if I'm watching a movie or working on the computer.

    Velcro is a very sweet tempered, loving pet. He has his own website at Hedgehog Heaven.

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