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September 12, 1998

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Cleopatra, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cleopatra
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Red Tail Boa
Home: Oakland, California, USA
   This is Cleopatra. She's a two year old Red Tail Boa. Cleopatra has been a big part of my family for two years. She was 9 inches long when I first got her and has now reached 5' 2" which makes her two inches longer than I am tall.

    She stays in her own tank which is 6' long and 3' high. She loves to be by the side of her tank and strike at my cats when they walk by. They don't pay any attention to her. I like to take her out on warm days to the mall. Kids get a kick out of her but I won't let them pet her unless it's ok with their mom. Not too many moms like her. My kids have taken her to school for sharing and showing her to their friends and teachers. My husband doesn't like her at all. But that's ok. I love her!!

    She had just shed her skin a couple of weeks before I took this picture. You have to do some studying about snakes before you own one. They're beautiful creatures that do need special attention and a special kind of love for them. I've enjoyed her very much.

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