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September 9, 1998

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Princess, the Pet of the Day
Name: Princess
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ecletus parrot
Home: College Park, Maryland, USA
   Princess is an eclectus hen who is about five years old. We bought her when she was three and have had her for two years now. She is very talkative and can sing. Her favorite song is the Barney song which she sings loudly and clearly. Her favorite foods are apples, oranges, and grapes. Princess loves to ride in the car and go for walks in the evening. She doesn't have a favorite toy but she likes to listen to music and she watches TV!

I found Princess about three years ago living in a neighbor's basement. This woman was breeding birds from her basement and they were kept in really substandard conditions. When she told me she had an eclectus in her basement I just had to see it!

    When I saw her, she was living in a really small cage with not much food or water and she was very mean! I bought her out of pity, and my husband and I both thought, if she never loves us, at least we got her out of there. Needless to say, after about a week, the Eclectus who would bite and was mean, was in my arms kissing me. I think birds, and any animals, know when they are helped!

    Eclectus birds are originally from the Australia area. The male birds are all green with a candy corn beak. Their beak actually looks like a candy corn. The females are bright red with the deep purple neck. There are three sizes of Eclecuts, small (Solomons Island), medium (Vosmerei) and large (Grand Eclecuts). Princess is a Vosmerei which is the medium size.

    The Eclectus loves to eat fruit and basically can eat anything but avocado and chocolate. She even loves pizza! Princess doesn't like to play much but seems to like watching TV. I have 17 birds and they all watch TV. She also talks a lot but Eclectus tend to talk when no one is in the room with them. She won't talk if we are around. If I call my husband Princess will answer, "What?" In fact, her voice is so much like his that I can't tell them apart if I'm in another room! She also meows like a cat, which drives us nuts!

    Princess loves to shower and takes a shower with us. She has a special shower perch. She enjoys a car ride too! Princess is not very social with the other birds and it is not a good idea to put her with a smaller bird. She likes being held and likes people the best. She also loves country music. If I put on a country music record she sways back and forth and bops up and down. If I leave the room she starts to sing. Her favorite song is the Barney song, which unfortunately my husband taught her! She sings, "I love you, I love me!" Instead of "you love me". I think she is trying to tell us something! :)

   For more information and photos of Ecletus parrots visit this superb website.

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