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September 1, 1998

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Nimblely, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nimblely
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mexican Red-Headed Amazon
Home: New York, USA
   Nimblely is a wonderful friend. He is a charming clown and can turn a gray day into a sunshiny one with all his cheerful talking and humorous antics. He has filled our home with laughter and joy!In the inset photo, is Nimblely sitting with his best friend Grape, the stuffed parrot. Nimblely doesn't require a lot of care, but he is given a large dose of love and attention daily. Even though he has his cage, he is given lots of time out of the cage every day. He likes to play on his playstand, in his toy box, and of course loves being held and given kisses! Nimblely loves to take showers and has his very own shower perch. For safety, his wings are checked often and kept clipped. He loves to ride in the car and enjoys going to different places. Nimblely lives with several other bird companions; Noel an African Grey, Chipper a Quaker, Yoda a Lovebird, Oliver a Parrotlet, and soon, Shahmari a Cape Parrot. We love our Nimblely!

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