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October 29, 1998

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Chantilly Lace, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chantilly Lace
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Saddlebred,Belgium Draft
Home: Oregon, USA
   Chantilly is a PMU foal, that is, she come out of a Urine Production Farm up in Canada. There are a lot of her sisters, brothers, cousins born every year. They are bi-products of a drug called Premarin. Although 40-50,000 of these babies get sold to auction and some of them to slaughter, I found a way to communicate with farmers up there and myself and a friend went up to see them in August 1998. Chantilly stole my heart away from me, It's never been the same since! Through many shipping companies' prices almost made it necessary for me to leave her behind, I found one willing to ship her for under $600.00! She arrived at my home state, (Oregon) last week. So many good people helped me arrange transport and tried to help me get her down, I feel she is the baby pet of many states, including mine.

    Chantilly is a cross between a Saddlebred Momma and a Belgium Draft Daddy. And since her mom is a Urine Production Mare, Chantilly is my first PMU foal, and will have the brand of the production farm that is now getting involved in helping these babies find homes in the USA! This is a new endeavor of a bridge between these farms and USA owners wishing to adopt them...I AM PROUD! Isn't she just a darlin? I love her so much already.

    I have been researching on these horses and their plight for almost two years now. It took connections to a gal that knew someone within the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and a gal that is a Constable for the Canadian Humane Society, to get my very first connection to a PMU facility. Over the next two years and several $400.00+ phone bills, I now have about 12 contacts in the industry and most of these are willing to let private adoptions go on as long as the barn and his family are not in any danger!

    A PMU baby is not for every one. They are pasture raised, and not handled much. But most of their moms are quiet and accepting, and the babies learn that from mom... But they're still wild! They need to be broken to halter, and to lead, and sometimes they are so emotionally needy they lean on you 70% of the time and the other 30% of the time they're trying to kick the snot out of you... Go figure? ( LOL) Much like horses out in pastures in the USA, that have not been handled, but I am finding that with these half drafts babies, they tend to be more open to "meld" into your training aspects than most other wild babies I had a chance to work with.

    The PMU baby is not for the first time owner! But once gentled and halter broken, leading quietly, feet desensitized for farrier (three weeks) they could easily be handled by the novice. These are not mustangs, nor are they "Jugheads," these are just the same as you and I would see in someone's back pasture that had not had time to handle them. They need training and you have to approach them with a bit of respect. But in time, they'll be wonderful mounts for anyone given the proper foundation training.

    Please come see Chantilly's other pictures at her website.

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