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October 28, 1998

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Bebe, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bebe
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinese Bunny
Home: Hong Kong
   Bebe is a three-year-old Chinese breed bunny. He has extraordinary large black eyes. He loves to eat biscuits, sweet bread, apples, oranges, watermelons, grapefruits, in particular my note papers and tissue papers! He will topple the rubbish bin and then search for tissues to eat! He doesn't like outdoor activities. He loves to sleep in my bed. He loves taking a bath and he enjoys warm water flowing on his body. He loves to hide himself in some dark and cool places. When he is hungry, he will come to us and scratch our feet to ask for food. He loves to drink water very much. Every day he will empty a whole bottle of water about 300 ml! When mum is not home, he will lose a lot of weight. But when mum is back and always hold him into her arms, he will gain weight quickly! He is always longing for our hugs and love! Now he weights about 4.5 pounds and he is very healthy!!!

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