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October 24, 1998

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Crow and Bungee, the Pet of the Day
Name: Crow and Bungee
Age: Two years old, Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ferrets
Home: San Antonio, Texas, USA
   Crow is a sable ferret (the lighter of the two in the photo). He turned two years old in August. Bungee is a chocolate sable, and is now nine months old.

    Right now, ferrets are the current "fad" pet. Many people get them, but don't know how to take care of them. Through a combination of advice, information and humor, thousands of people have learned how to better care for their pets. Crow and Bungee are the best of friends. Crow is more docile and quiet than Bungee, and Bungee is playful and outgoing. They always love to snuggle up (as you can see!) and sleep close. Early in the mornings, the boys can roughhouse for hours. They love to entince us to play with them.

    Crow is a lovable two-year-old. A lot of people with ferrets find it better to have more than one. Crow was very happy when he was an "only ferret" with our cat, but with the addition of another ferret, he completely blossomed. Bungee is larger than Crow is by almost a full pound! He's also still growing and will be for another few months. In the winter months, both boys put on weight to help get them through the winter.

    Tag is one of their favorite games. Both are much faster than we are and love hiding under the bed. They also like crawling in pillowcases, playing in their tube and pulling all the books off of the bookshelf.

    Bungee and Crow were co-founders of the very first ferret club at Yahoo!, as well as having their own website at - soon to be I'd recommend that anyone considering getting ferrets as pets read up on them before they make any adoptions. They are fabulous pets, but aren't for everyone!

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