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October 23, 1998

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Zues, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zues
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Prairie Dog
Home: Chicago, Illinois, USA
   Zues is my awesome unique friend. He loves to make nests out of stuffed animals and he sleeps most of the day. He eats a lot and loves to cuddle. Prairie dogs are like big hamsters with lotsa personality. They make great pets.

    He is pretty easy to care for. He lives in a nice big rabbit hutch, his diet mostly consists of Timothy hay, some occasional fruits and seeds for treats. He requires tons of attention, he is completely lovable and loves to lay upside down and have his head and belly scratched. He loves to run around the house and chase the cats, they get along amazingly great. He does have to be watched though or he will chew everything in site.

    His favorite thing to do is build big nests. We often give him stuffed animals that he takes all the stuffing out and builds himself nice fluffy bed to sleep in. People should definitely read up and do research on prairie dogs before they buy one. They are quite hard to come by, but they make incredible pets...if you have the time for them.

    In the wild they live in colonies so you and your family become their family. They should be fixed because they go into "rut" around the breeding season which causes them to temperamental. They also have a sort of musky smell to them, almost like a ferret. Other than that they are full of personality and very smart.

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