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October 21, 1998

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Li'l George, the Pet of the Day
Name: Li'l George
Age: One month old
Gender: Male
Kind: Miniature Donkey
Home: Amherst, Virginia, USA
   His name is Li'l George. He's a gray-dun Miniature Donkey, the first foal born at Lower Forty Farms, and that makes him pretty special to us. I think he's almost famous - seems lots of people around the country want to have a look at him!

    I'm not real sure how brief I can be when talking about Li'l George. This little guy is an absolute joy to be around. George came into the world September 26, 1998. A beautiful dark gray and dun ball of soft hair that resembles a plush toy. He feels like a goose down pillow. When he gets close to you to nuzzle and rub, you just want to bury your face in his coat. Kind of like a child would with a very soft toy.

    He has the possibilities of being show quality and a perfect pet for anyone. His grandsire holds titles in halter and driving in national and state championships. His sire is well trained in driving as well as an excellent proven herdsire. As I sit in the stall or pasture with this foal and his mother I feel like I have another child. This little fella nuzzles, rubs and wants to get into my lap. He will follow me anywhere until it is time to grab a little milk from mom. At present he is 24 inches tall and when he breaks into a run no equine can equal the beauty of his stride. It is difficult to believe that he will be a possible 32 inches at maturity. Sunday, he gave us his very first real hee haw. Oh, so cute he was hollering for his mother. She didn't hesitate a minute to let him know where she was! We are so proud of Li'l George and have great hopes for his future.

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