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October 18, 1998

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Sir Maximillian, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sir Maximillian
Age: 16 months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black Berkshire Fancy Rat
Home: London, England
   Max is the most handsome of my four rats boys. He has particularly beautiful black eyes. He also has a very gentle personality and is the softest of the Rat Palace inhabitants. He's definitely bottom of the social pecking-order!

    When I first got Max, he was very highly strung and would zoom all round my living-room, never staying still for more than two seconds. The second day I had him, he escaped from the living-room as I was about the leave for work and disappeared behind the bath. I was terrified that he'd go under the floorboards but I managed to get him back out before losing him for ever. Soon after, he went out onto the window-sill to rummage in my window boxes - I live on the second floor! Then he singed the whiskers on the left side of his face by jumping out of my friend's hand and running into a candle.

    He matured and overcame his wild youth when he met a lovely lady rat called Ethelyn. She bore him eleven rat-children, one of whom is George who now lives with his Dad in the Rat Palace. All my boys are very special but Max is so handsome and well behaved that he is my favorite.

    I've always liked rodents and used to keep mice when I was younger. Rats are more lively, intelligent and sociable than any other rodent so I thought they'd make good pets when I moved into a flat and couldn't really have a cat or a dog. And they do make great pets.

    If you'd like to meet Max and his friends Alfie, Max, Eric and George, come to the Rat Palace.

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