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October 13, 1998

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Mitzi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mitzi
Age: One year, nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Siamese
Home: Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA
   Mitzi is a female Siamese ferret. She lives with us and her buddy Max (who may someday be still enough to have his picture taken and submitted). This is Mitzi sitting up for her favorite treat, raisins. She also sits like this when she wants to go out. She loves to be outdoors and she doesn't mind walking on a leash. Mitzi loves to hide all the stuffed toys she can find, many of which are bigger than she is. The only problem is she cannot get them under her favorite hiding place, the couch, but she will try for hours and hours. She also likes to steal raw potatoes, not to eat, just to hide.

    She taught herself that if you have a box, like cereal, and knock it over and bounce on it, it will open and you can snack all you want. She does this with cookies. Then Max will steal her cookies and take them upstairs to his hidey-hole and Mitzi will bring them back down under the couch. They can keep this up all day.

    Currently her favorite plaything is the petticoat my daughter-in-law wore under her bride gown. She loves bouncing on it and having it make noise. Also, there are plenty of folds to play hide and seek in.

    She came to us a year ago last February and she has made us laugh constantly. When we first got her, we didn't know what to expect and when she started bouncing around and chattering, we thought maybe she was crazy but she's just playful. She will get bottle-brush tail when annoyed and sometimes even her whole body puffs out. At three pounds, Mitzi is a large ferret and when she comes down the steps it sounds like 50 pounds.

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