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October 9, 1998

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Pandora, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pandora
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sable Ferret
Home: Seattle, Washington, USA
   Most people say that their ferrets are little thieves, everyone's heard of Pandora's Box. The reason we gave Pandora her name is that she always wants to know whats in the box. Whether its a bag, shoe, garbage can, or the washing machine. These little creatures are a lot smarter and more persistent than most people think. They will weasel their way into your heart and they always take the time to stop and smell the flowers.

    Pandora and her sister Boo (who is a pure white with black eyes ), are both very picky about what they eat. Their Favorite food is called "Totally Ferret." I think though, if they had their choice, that they would eat cantaloupe and kiwi fruit all day, but that would be too rich a diet for their short digestive tracts. Ferrets are omnivores but still require a diet that is very high in protein. It is said that Ferrets, are pretty much full grown by six months, But I think Pandora and Boo are still growing. Females generally net out between one to two pounds and males between three to five pounds. Last time we weighed Pandora she was about 1 1/2 pounds. We do not know how long Pandora will live, but we have been told that eight years is about as long as they usually live.

    Pandora loves to rough house with us. She likes it when we put extra pillows on the bed and toss her up into the air to land on them, after she lands, she runs around in circles jumps up and down then runs back over to you then lays down flat, which ferrets do when they want to play. She also likes to play tug of war with towels or blankets. The name Ferret means little thief. All ferrets as they get older, start to build their stash which usually consists of things, like your tooth brush, pencils, pens, or anything else they sneak off with. Ferrets are diggers, they never tear up our furniture, but they like to get inside it. If you put any kind of container in front of them (mug, coffee pot paper bag) they will immediately try to get inside it. The best way I can describe a ferret is to think of some hyperactive stretched out loony cartoon cat, that can do seemingly impossible contortionistic things with its body. All ferrets have different personalities, just like people do. Pandora never bites and when she is all worn out, she will fall asleep in your hands.

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