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October 8, 1998

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Rainbow, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rainbow
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fischer's lovebird
Home: North Carolina, USA
   Rainbow is a Fischer's lovebird. She is approximately two years old and Rainbow is special because she is from my first clutch of handfed Fischer's Lovebirds which I was hand feeding during the destruction of Hurricane Fran. We did not have water or electricity for eight days and Rainbow and her clutch mates were fed fresh spring water obtained nearby and heated by candle light; therefore, she is appropriately named Rainbow also because of her gorgeous color!

Rainbow is a normal green Fischer's Lovebird, hatched 8/15/96. The Fischer's Lovebird was discovered by Dr.G.A. Fischer on his expedition from Pangani to Lake Victoria, Africa and named in his honor by Reichenow in 1887. Fischer's lovebirds measure approximately four inches long. As far as her personality, she has her moments. Rainbow loves kisses although she can be very temperamental. She coos to me when she wants attention. She does not talk, but she does imitate the cockatiels who are housed in the "bird room" with her. Rainbow has a very big personality to be such a small bird.

    For more info, visit Twp Aviary and BCA Fischer's Breeding Partnership

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