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October 2, 1998

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Victory, the Pet of the Day
Name: Victory
Age: Eleven year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Thoroughbred
Home: Cary, North Carolina, USA
   Meet Victory for John... a new addition to the Alves family! He's an 11-year-old thoroughbred gelding living with his fairly new family in beautiful Cary, NC. What makes him so special is how well he's adapted to the new family! He has such character and is so easy to love, especially because he loves right back. He's so willing to be cared for, coming cantering up the field to the gate to greet his family and friends. His trust in us shows when he's ridden because about a year ago he needed surgery on his left eye, making it difficult to see to the left. But that's no matter to him, he just keeps on being the true gentleman of the Alves family!

    Another special point of Vic's spunky character is his love for Mountain Dew... don't ever hold a can of the stuff too close or you might lose it! Vic's older families raced him as a colt... his career ended quickly due to the fact that he only won one race out of about 6 years of racing. He showed his true talent, however, in hunting. Vic's fabulous conformation has won him numerous ribbons and trophies. We love Vic very much and after having been sold again and again, he's finally found a permanent home.

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