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November 20, 1998

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The Walnuts, the Pet of the Day
Name: The Walnuts
Age: Six weeks old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Indian Star Tortoises
Home: Austin, Texas, USA
   The tortoises do not have names yet by we are referring to them as "The Walnuts" because they resemble walnuts with legs. I find these tortoises to be special because they are endangered in their homeland of India and are taken for granted by humans. These captive-bred babies were obtained in Texas from a breeder. Their natural environment is arid and they do not hibernate.

    The Indian Star tortoise is completely herbivorous and has a specific diet requirement, thriving on a high fiber, low protein diet. While these babies are about six weeks old, they will grow to about twelve inches and will be mature in ten years. The Indian Star tortoise is not the easiest to care for, they can be very rewarding pets. As you can see, these little guys are not bashful when it comes to food. They will receive appropriate names later when they are older and can be sexed.

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