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November 19, 1998

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Sandy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sandy
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pearl Cockatiel
Home: Indiana, USA
   Sandy is a well behaved, loving feathered friend. She always makes me smile ....even on my worst days. She is very smart and very friendly with all her visitors....definitely a people bird. Never a dull moment with her flying around this household! Oh.....and she loves the computer........specially the keyboard.

    She is only ten months old so she is still considered a young'n. Her wings were clinged when I first got her (she was four months) and I have allowed them to grow out hoping that it will help her from breaking off her tail feathers (due to landing on her bottom). She pretty much has the run of the place loose while I'm around home, but she is kept caged in her nice big roomy cage when I'm not around. Caging is a must to keep tiels from harm.....such as possible drowning in the toilet or flying into windows, etc. She has become an excellent flyer since her wing feathers have fully grown back in. So good that she hasn't flown into a window yet.

    Sandy is very intelligent and knows when it is time to eat, when it is time for bed, when it is time for me to scratch the back of her head, and when I must head out for work. Over the few months that I have had her, she and I have gotten to know signals (tone of voice) that we know when one of us is trying to get the others attention. She definitely knows what the word "no" means. ;)

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