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November 18, 1998

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Shady Lane Pistol Pete, the Pet of the Day
Name: Shady Lane Pistol Pete
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mammoth Jack Donkey
Home: Salem, Indiana, USA
   Pete is eight months old in this picture. He is a mammoth jack and lives in southern Indiana. He will mature to about 60" (14 hands).

    Petie is two years old now and knows several tricks. He plays "soccer" with his Jolly Ball. He will pick it up in his mouth, toss it in front of him and then run and stop it by kneeling on it! He will throw it over his fence and wait for me to throw it back to him. I have just started training him to ride and he seems to enjoy it. He is the most lovable animal on our farm in Salem Indiana. He tries to "help" us mend fences (loves sneaking off with my gloves or the bag of fence clips). He hates coyotes and strange dogs and will not allow them in his pasture. But he is best buddies with a laying hen that has made his lot her chicken coop.

    He loves Mountain Dew out of the can and licorice flavored candy. Donkeys are misunderstood and often thought of as being stubborn. In reality, they are extremely intelligent animals. Rather than rush into unfamiliar situations, they will hold back until they are sure things are safe. Donkeys are very good at training their human companions and even let them think they are the ones doing the training! They make excellent, loyal, long-lived pets.

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