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November 14, 1998

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Pebbles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pebbles
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: AQH, Arab
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   Pebbles... humm there's soooo much to say about him!! Well, Pebbles is my first horse! He's so sweet!! He's a very polite horse!!! You can take his halter off him and just let him stand there and he won't even move!! And when he's in shows, he always does his best! You can tell he tries his best to be a very good horse!! He's so cute and he deserves something back for all the hard work he has done for me. :)

    Pebbles is a horse that really changed my life. Before I knew how to ride Pebbles, I was, well a very bad rider! After I rode Pebbles for months and months I started getting better and better. He taught me a lot! Now I can ride every horse in the barn! And I even get to show people with the farm, and we always do great!!! Pebbles is the coolest horse out there and deserves the best!

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