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November 13, 1998

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Lorena, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lorena
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Pig
Home: Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada
   I have a 610 pound pig named Lorena. She was raised in the house with the dogs and cats. She easily learned house-training, slept on the bed and watched T.V. in the evenings with me. When she got about 200 pounds she got too big to drink out of the toilet (in fact, she couldn't get out of the bathroom once she got in there) and she could no longer maneuver the stairs. SO... she became a guard pig - she had free access outside in the yard and ran off stray dogs. She hung out with the llamas and horses but was always right there in the driveway when I came home from work. When she got to be about 400 pounds I decided perhaps she should have her own area and now she lives in a roomy log cabin that I had built especially for her. Her house has a pig weather vane, pig wind chimes, electric light and flower boxes. Sometimes at night I go out with a blanket and sleep for a few hours with her - she snores but cuddles extremely well.

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