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November 12, 1998

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Jake, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jake
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Umbrella Cockatoo
Home: Kelso, Washington, USA
   We brought Jake home to be in our family about a year ago. I was at a specialty bird store looking at toys and birds. He was scared in his cage, then some people came in looking to get a bird. They got Jake out of the cage and onto a stand. He was sooo terrified of everyone and just sat there shaking. After watching for a few minutes and people walking away - finally, I walked up to him talking and he scooted towards me on the perch. I got closer to him because of this, when I was close enough he just laid his head on my chest and snuggled in wrapping his wing over my shoulder. I was not looking for a cockatoo just yet, wanted to wait a few more months but he stole my heart. He also took right to my husband without fear.

    He came from an abusive home and has since blossomed. He cuddles, loves, coos, plays, and entertains. Since coming home he has learned to perch on an arm, step up command, knows when it is time to go back to his cage, he hardly played now he can go through a barn full of wood in less than 24 hours if he were allowed! There is nothing more special than when he puts his head on your chest and a wing over your shoulder as if he is giving a hug.

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