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November 8, 1998

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PePe and Bugs, the Pet of the Day
Name: PePe, Bugs
Age: Three years, Several weeks old
Gender: Males
Kind: Maltese, Rabbit
Home: Singapore
   Our dog is called PePe (pronounced as PiPi) and our rabbit, Bugs. PePe is very special to us because we did not buy her from a pet shop. We met her by a touch of fate. She was wandering the streets one day when she saw my dad. Other people tried to catch her but to no avail. Then, she just walked up to where my dad was sitting and sat down next to him. As my dad is an animal lover, he carried her and stroked her and he fell in love with her!

    After she came home with us, not a day passed without her injecting joy into everyone's life in the family. My mum was very scared of dogs but she can get along with PePe very well! It is really a miracle how PePe can touch our lives like that!

    A year later, Bugs joined us. She was still very small then and thus we paid a lot of attention to her. PePe was jealous at first but later she treated Bugs like her very own puppy. She would lick Bugs' ears and body as if to clean her up. A sad thing though, is that Bugs the rabbit was given away because of our inability to give her optimum care. However, she will remain in our hearts and PePe's forever.

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