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November 5, 1998

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Peekaboo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Peekaboo
Age: 18 months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Congo African Grey
Home: Broomfield, Colorado, USA
   This is our 18-month old Congo African Grey, Peekaboo. We have had him a year this month. He pretty much has run of the house, and he loves his dad, John. He is just learning to talk, and can say Hi Peekaboo, Hello, Up, Tickle, Stop and is learning more by the day. He is excellent with sound effects, and can cluck like the Cadbury Bunny.

    Peekaboo is an only bird, until my husband and I can get a kitten or two. He is pretty much as large as he is going to get. We need to go to the vet and have him weighed. His wings are clipped, as there are so many dangers for an unclipped bird inside a house, as in landing in an open toilet or sink of water, landing on a hot stove or into a boiling pot, hitting a wall, window, or mirror, or getting outside and us not being able to catch him. Unclipped birds inside a house are not safe!

    He loves to hang upside down and has a big trapeze John rigged for him that hangs from the ceiling of our apartment. He also likes to bathe in his water dish (cleanest feet in town!). He also goes on trips with us to visit relatives, and loves to ride in the car.

    Peekaboo isn't really housebroken, but usually I can clean up after him if he does go on the rug. His poops are fairly small. He won't usually poop in his cage for some reason though, and always waits until I let him out in the morning to "go." You can potty train birds, and I think Peek would train easily, but if I weren't there for some reason to tell him to go, that could cause medical problems.

    African Greys are one of the smartest animals there are. If you would like to learn more about these very intelligent birds, visit Communication with Parrots: The Pepperberg Homepage.

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