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November 3, 1998

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Chief, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chief
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Morgan
Home: Westwood Farm barn, Minnesota, USA
   This is Chief Executive in Command but I just call him Baby. He is a yearling going on two and he is a Morgan horse. He resides in the Westwood Farm barn in MN.

    I first met him last year when I did an internship at the farm. The woman who owned his mother hadn't had a baby around for a long time. She worked during the week and had other horses so getting around to him was hard. I was intrigued by this little colt, he was quite shy at the time but also curious.

    I accepted the task of socializing him but had to start slowly because he hadn't been handled. I would come into the stall with my grooming supplies and some grain to coax him. While he would eat I would gently brush him and talk. He was very responsive and loved the attention!!

    He has come a long way this year. This picture is of us at the North Star Morgan horse show which was held at the state fairgrounds. He entered a double-futurity class (a class where conformation is judged) of 16 yearlings and came in 3rd for the class and 2nd for the futurity!! It was quite amazing especially since he was a gelding!! I love this little guy because he is shy but willing to do what you ask him.

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