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May 31, 1998

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Betty Boop and Raja, the Pets of the Day
Name: Betty Boop / Raja
Age: Two and a half / Four years old
Gender: Female / Male
Kind: Alaskan Malamute,German Shepherd
Home: Tennessee, USA
   The day before Thanksgiving 1995 our dog Snowball broke his chain while we were at work, he ran free most of the day. That night he got sick, first thing friday morning I took him to the vet. The vet said he had gotten into some antifreeze & would have to be put to rest. After saying we would never have another dog, because it hurts to much to loose them. My husband came home the with a small ball of white fur the week before Christmas. B.B. (Betty Boop) has been the baby of the house ever since then.

    B.B. has had a trying life, at birth her mother would not have anything to do with the 16 puppies she had. But the Momma cat in the house where she was born took up with her and one of her brothers. She likes to talk to people, give kiss's, eat cheese and clean out cat Raja's ears (we think she see's Raja as her baby).

    On June 1, 1997 B.B. was doing what she liked best, riding in the back of our pickup truck when there was an accident. She was severely injured, and the next two months were very hard for B.B., but she had the will to live. Thanks to the great guidance of Dr. Cox, & Chamness, B.B. is back 100 percent. It is now a year later, and she has come full circle.

    When we moved into our new house in March 1994, a friend of the family gave our two daughters each a kitten, Raja & Jasmine. On a Saturday about a month later I went to this friend's house in our van, when I returned home she called to say Raja was at her house. Apparently Raja & Jasmine were sleeping somewhere on the bottom of the van, somewhere between our house & theirs we lost Jasmine. Raja was heartbroken then but Raja hung on.

    Raja is not like some cats, he lets our daughters dress him up & carry him around like a baby doll. He has taken up with our dog B.B. who thinks she is Raja's mamma. B.B. & Raja nap together, clean each other, everything but share food (of course B.B. eats Raja's food) At our house Raja knows he is king and he lets B.B. live there, so she can clean his ears.

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