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May 29, 1998

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Spencer, the Pet of the Day
Name: Spencer
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Yellow Labrador Retriever
Home: Metuchen, New Jersey, USA
   Favorite Activity: Eating, getting rub on his head and belly and getting the morning paper.

    Strange Habits: He's always trying to eat anything paper, from napkins to post-it notes!

    Spencer is a dog that craves attention. He loves to be in the spotlight. Every year he is the subject of our Christmas Card. As you can see, this past Christmas, he posed as a Rafael angel (And he truly is an angel). Holidays are his favorite. Whether he's wearing a sparkling top hat on New Year's Eve, or a Dracula cape on Halloween, Spencer is always dressed to impress. He's also very smart, he knows just how to answer the questions you ask, and he always knows when it's 2:30pm (lunch time!!). Although he enjoys his mid-day naps, he's always happier when someone comes over to play! He loves to entertain, and he thinks everyone who comes over is there to see him!

    Spencer is an excellent "son" (we never tell him he's a dog: he thinks he's one of us.) Our office is right next to my home, so he's here everyday. He hates to be alone. We treat him like our "receptionist." He let's us know when someone is coming!

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