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May 28, 1998

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Magi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Magi
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pomeranian
Home: San Diego, California, USA
   Performing with her owner, Bon Bon the Clown, Magi is an important participant of children's birthday party entertainment. She often is seen in parades, locally and nationally and has traveled all over the continental United States. She also visits retirement homes and performs at community service events frequently, bringing smiles to faces of all ages.

    Magi responds to more than 20 commands and has an extensive wardrobe for her public appearances, including a ballerina outfit, hats, and many holiday and clown costumes.

    Magi and I placed 7th at an International Clown convention (Clowns of America International) in St. Louis Missouri, March 1998. We bought a bag at a Hallmark type store... we wrote on it "Doggie bag" and Ritzy Cafe. We both donned our clown outfits and walked a Parade route, she would walk for a while then get in the bag with just her little head sticking out. Our schtick was "The Ritzy Cafe gives good Doggie Bags." Of course, my little darling was perfect. She is so Precious.

    Poms can be a barky breed, but not my perfect darling. Magi will bark on command, but only on command and also stops right away. She will only bark in my house, or her Auntie's house. Those are the only two places she feels she needs to protect.

    Magi responds to over 20 commands... 1) sit, 2) down 3) roll over 4) down 5) turn around 6 come 7) potty 8) poop 9) sit pretty 10) walkey 11) ballerina dance 12) fetch 13) put it in my hand 14) different fetch 15) Auntie 16) kiss 17) Get Mama 18) no street 19) get in (the car) 20) bye bye 21) night night (get in her kennel) 21) get a bite 22) what is it (bark and growl) 23) Mama help (or Auntie help) 24) drop it 25) bow 26) get in the bag (her suitcase) and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

    Recently she had to be rescued by three San Diego City policemen. Somehow she got her head stuck in the cup holder of our Toyota Celica car. This happened on Pacific Coast Highway... I immediately pulled over and started yelling for help... a kind person stopped that had a cellular phone and called 911... the police showed up. All we needed was a tool to break the cup holder, he didn't have one... he called another police man, we were just about to call a fire truck when the 2nd police man had a pair of needle nose pliers, and saved the day. I said call the jaws of life, tear the car apart, anything just save my beautiful baby.

    Born October 16, 1997 Magi has been to Omaha, Des Moines, on a two week vacation all over Florida, Missouri, twice to Colorado and of course all over the state of California.

    Magi's real name is "Love's Precious Magic" and that describes her quite well.

    To see Magi with Bon Bon the Clown visit their web page.

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