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May 25, 1998

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Go, the Pet of the Day
Name: Go
Age: Two years old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Green Iguana
Home: Tel Aviv, Israel
   Go is a two-year-old green iguana that has lived with me for the past year and a half. Since the time I got Go (as a gift from my parents), it more than multiplied it size, and today is 24 inches long. Go lives in my room in its special heated aquarium. I take it out to play with, in my room as much as I can, and it likes to climb on my shoulder whenever it can.

    Go holds a very firm routine in it's daily activities. It wakes up in the morning at about 7.00 am (that's the time I have to start my day!) and until noon it basks in the sun. (In wintertime I have a special ultraviolet light that simulates the light and heat of the sun.) At noon, when I return from school, Go receives the big meal of the day: carrot, lettuce, cabbage, pumpkin, parsley and zucchini, all ground up and blended. Twice a week Go gets a special treat, an egg white, and this is what it likes best. After the meal Go likes to rest on it's hot stone (it is a 12 inch long block of clay with a build-in electric heating) until it is time to go to sleep.

    Go is an iguana, which means that it is a reptile. It is not a pet in a sense of something to play with (like a dog or a cat) but more as a creature to bring up (like a fish or a bird) It does not return hate or affection but it is exciting to see it grow up and develop. But most of all, it gives the grower a sense of responsibility.

    Go does not do any tricks but it is a great pleasure for me to see the reaction of my friends and members of the family, as they see me handle this green dinosaur! My dad and I opened a website for Go, with a lot of pictures so anyone can see how beautiful it is.

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