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May 22, 1998

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DJ, the Pet of the Day
Name: DJ
Age: Seven and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Jack Russell Terrier
Home: Plano, Texas, USA
   We waited many years to "adopt" a pet. I must say it's been one of our most rewarding experiences. DJ is the highlight of our day. He is also our little shadow. It's such a thrill to come home to this little bundle of joy each day.

    One of his favorite spots is lying on his pillow, on my lap, while I'm working on my computer. It's only a matter of time...

    Even though he is only five months old, he has graduated from SPCA Pet University. He also knows quite a few tricks - as you can see from the photo of him doing his "Treat Machine" trick. He loves company and they love him! He also thinks it's a great adventure to ride in the car.

    One of our favorite things is to take DJ out for his walks. It's a great way to meet new neighbors. The kids love him, and they always ask if he's Wishbone. He has actually stopped traffic. Motorists will stop; ask what breed he is, and mention how well he walks along with us. Do we sound proud - you bet!!

    I had the distinct fortune of being home all day when we brought DJ home at eight weeks old. I literally followed him around 16 hours a day for the first four or five months. But let me tell you, it has really paid off. He is the most loving, non-aggressive, smart and non-destructive pet I can imagine. Our friends come over to see DJ, not us anymore. He is so darn cute and personable - I'm quoting friends mind you!!!

    If you want a dog with a lot of personality and almost too smart for their own good, Jack Russells are for you. I love talking to DJ and having him "answer" me! I also think it helped that we took DJ to SPCA's Puppy Kindergarten. It helped both DJ and us in the training process. He does know who the leader of the pack is, and that can't hurt.

    I would absolutely recommend that anyone research the breed they are considering. Just because it's the popular breed of the day should not even enter into the decision process. Those days come and go, and you still are the owner of that once popular dog. He still needs the same love and attention he did the day you brought him home.

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