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May 9, 1998

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Emily, the Pet of the Day
Name: Emily
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Miniature Dachshund
Home: Skiatook, Oklahoma, USA
   Emily is my very special person. She is a very happy miniature Dachshund. Her favorite activities are riding on her mommy's shoulders in the car and playing with her best friends, who are also dachshunds, Little Bit and Max.

    Emily is a massive chewer, but only on her toys. I am very lucky that she doesn't chew on her mommy's things. Emily is also very proud of her "Pearl Collar." She thinks it is pretty neat that her mommy wears one too!

    Alex, her pet cat, is a real cat. I adopted her from the pound when she was about four weeks old. She and Emily are the best of friends. They like to pretend they are on "Championship Wrestling" and both of them will stand on their hind legs and take each other down. When Alex gets tired, or is losing, she will jump on the television to get out of the way. She is very good natured and doesn't seem to mind being dragged around.

    A dachshund is considered miniature if they weigh less than 12 pounds by their first birthday. Emily weighs about 10. She has come to school with me occasionally, usually on the weekends if I am working. She loves to run the halls and slide on the tile floors. She always comes back to me with her nose covered in dust!

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